How to Prevent Hair Loss Using Homemade Hair Masks


Are you worried about hair fall? Or maybe its other hair problems that are stressing you out - like frizzy hair, thinning hair or dandruff? And, frequently looking for new shampoos and conditioners has only made things worse for your hair. Even oiling every Sunday has not produced any good results.

Now, of course there are a huge variety of products in the market (serums, mousses, essences) that claim to address almost every hair problem you’ve ever had. But, let's face it, the chemicals packed in these products cause more harm than good, particularly in the long run.

But, don’t worry. The solution to your hair problems is in your kitchen. You can make hair masks at home using natural ingredients that are suitable for your hair type. In fact, a homemade hair mask is the easiest way to fight your hair problems.

What You Should Know About Hair Loss

Hair loss is actually quite a complex thing. The hair grows through 3 stages of growth. These refer to a growth phase from a root in the hair follicle, a transitional phase when there is no growth, and a resting phase. After this phase the hair falls out and the follicle takes a rest before it grows another hair.

It’s completely normal to lose between 50 and 100 hairs in a day. So it’s normal to see some hair strands on your pillow, on your comb, or in the shower. If you shower infrequently, you might notice that you are losing more than a single day’s worth of hair in the shower. This might seem a little scary, but is still completely normal.

When you were born, you had about 100,000 follicles on your scalp. You won’t lose any of them. However, with age, some follicles may not grow hair and you may suffer from hair loss (also known as anagen effluvium). When and how this happens depends on many factors, such as genetics and the natural hormonal changes that comes with age.

How to Prevent Hair Loss

1. Egg Hair Mask

Eggs are packed with many useful nutrients such as protein, sulphur, zinc, and phosphorus, They make a fantastic remedy for treating frequent hair fall. They increase the strength of the hair strands and promote hair growth. Mix 1 egg with a teaspoon of honey and olive oil and apply the paste from roots to the tips using a brush. Leave it on for 25 minutes. Rinse off in cold water using a mild shampoo.

2. Coconut Mask

This is every Indian mother’s favourite hair growth solution. And there’s a reason for its popularity - its effectiveness. The fatty acids in the oil strengthen your hair roots and promote hair growth excessively. Apply 2-3 teaspoons of warm coconut oil on your scalp. Leave it overnight. Rinse it off the next morning using a mild shampoo.

3. Potato, aloe vera gel and honey hair mask

Make some potato juice using grated potatoes. Add 2 tbsp each of honey and aloe vera to the juice and mix well. Let the ingredients get completely infused in potato juice. Massage the pack on your scalp for around 7 to 10 minutes. Leave it on for 2 hours before rinsing with warm water. Use twice a week to fight hair fall effectively.

4. Yogurt, olive oil and egg hair mask

Add yoghurt, 1 egg, and 3 tbsp olive oil to a bowl. Mix well. Apply on scalp and hair strands and let it stay on your hair for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse it off using warm water and shampoo. Condition if needed.

These hair masks can really revitalize your hair and let you make your dream of shiny new hair come true.