5 Natural Hair Loss Remedies You Can Try at Home


The effects of our increasingly stressful lives and the ever growing pollution are most visible on our skin and hair. Hair fall at a young age has become a common thing. People work day and night and do not get enough sleep which takes a toll on their overall health.

Many times, due to unhealthy eating habits, there is a lack of essential nutrients in the body and due to lack of vitamins, minerals and proteins in the body, the quality of hair starts getting affected. Apart from this, hormonal changes in the body are also another reason for hair loss. Also, if you are taking medicines for thyroid, arthritis, heart, cancer etc, then the side effects of these medications also affect the hair. For some people, hair loss may just be a genetic problem.

No matter what the cause may be, hair loss treatment always starts with proper hair care. Remember, hair loss remedies can only be effective, if used regularly.

5 Effective Hair Loss Remedies

1. Amla

Amla is a traditional hair tonic used for enhancing hair growth and beauty. The oil extracted from the fruit strengthens the hair and accelerates their growth. Cut the amla into pieces and dry it in the sun. When it dries well, put some pieces in coconut oil and boil it well. Store this oil and after it cools down, apply it on your hair. This remedy can also prevent grey hairs. Another method is to soak the dried pieces of amla in water at night. The next morning, apply this water to the roots of the hair. This will nourish your hair and prevent hair fall.

2. Fenugreek seeds

Soak 1-2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Grind it in the morning and apply it on the roots of the hair. Wash the hair after an hour. For best hair loss treatment, use thrice a week.

3. Oil Massage

We’ve all heard the famous song, ‘...Sun sun sun, arre beta sun, is champi me bade-bade gun, laakh dukhon ki ek dawa hai, kyon na ajmaaye…’. This song couldn’t be more true. Scalp oil massage is really beneficial for your hair. To maintain the moisture on the scalp, a regular oil massage is very important. It not only provides moisture to the scalp, but also strengthens the hair roots. This increases blood circulation and hair growth. It also gets rid of dandruff.

Some commonly used oils for hair and scalp massage are mustard, coconut and olive oils. Remember, massage the oil using light hands. Do not pull your hair. This will break them. Women should do an oil massage every two days, if possible. Men can do a massage three to four days a week.

4. Onion Juice

The use of raw onion juice on the scalp is very useful in hair regrowth. After peeling the onion, grind it in a mixer. Now separate the mixture with a sieve. Apply this mixture on the roots of the hair using cotton. If you have dandruff, then applying lemon juice mixed with onion juice will be beneficial. You can try this remedy for any two days in a week. Fill the remaining mixture in a glass vial and store it in the refrigerator.

5. Shikakai

Shikakai has been traditionally used for hair care in India since ancient times. It is one of the oldest Ayurvedic medicinal plants. To prepare it, the beans, leaves and bark of the plant are dried and then its powder or paste is made. It is considered a good cleanser. It has a naturally low pH, and does not draw oil out of the hair. Shikakai is applied to the hair in the form of oil, shampoo or conditioner. It is also used by mixing it with amla and reetha. Shikakai powder can also be applied to the hair by mixing it with any hair oil, curd or egg.

Finally, when it comes to hair loss remedies, what works for others may not work for you. Try these remedies and figure out which one is best suited to your hair. Until then, hope your every day is a good hair day.