4 Common Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Girls

Hair loss in Girls


Suffering through hair loss at any age can be a scary experience. It can lead to embarrassment and a low self-esteem. But hair loss can be particularly traumatic for teens. Teens experiencing hair loss is often due to an underlying issue, such as a vitamin deficiency or hormonal imbalance. However, the good news is that hair loss in teens is generally temporary and the hair will grow back once the causes of hair loss are addressed.

There can be many reasons why teenage girls might have hair loss. Oftentimes, just the use of a hair growth shampoo is enough to put a stop to hair loss. The first step to deal with any issue is to find the cause of the problem. Some causes of hair loss include extreme hair care treatment, like using hairdryers, curling or other heat treatments too much or doing bleach treatments and sporting tight hairstyles such as ponytails regularly. Scalp fungal manifestations can also cause hair loss in patches.

Causes of Hair Loss in Teenage Girls

1. Hormones

As young girls grow, their bodies go through many changes, including hormonal changes. Hormonal changes can lead to fluctuation in their emotions, eating habits, as well as their hair growth.

The root cause of hair loss is in one particular hormone. This hormone is present in both men and women. This is why hormonal changes and imbalances can trigger hair fall. The hair loss hormone is known as dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. With the help of an enzyme that stays in the hair’s oil glands, testosterone converts to DHT. This DHT then shrinks the hair follicles, which leads to hair fall. Teenage girls may have hair loss until the hormones in their bodies regain their balance.

2. Inadequate Nutrition

Inadequate nutrition may be the biggest reason for hair fall in teenagers. Getting the right amount of nutrition helps hair to regrow. Eating a wholesome diet, rich in proteins, calcium and iron, will significantly reduce hair loss. Green, leafy vegetables are good sources of minerals. Teenage girls should be given lots of iron-rich foods, such as liver, dark green leafy vegetables, wholegrain cereals, eggs, raisins and dates.

To encourage hair growth, they should have a protein rich diet. Rich sources of protein are eggs, low-fat cheese, beans and fish. Silica, found in the outer coverings of cucumbers, potatoes, etc., is another important nutrient for good hair. Vitamin E is also vital for healthy hair growth in teenagers. Avoid using too much salt in their diet and include a teaspoon of ghee.

3. Medications

Some medications can lead to hair loss in both teens and adults, particularly ones which cause hormonal changes. Some teenage girls may be on medication to relieve symptoms of PCOS or control acne. However, these medications often cause hair thinning. Other medications that can lead to hair loss include anticoagulants, beta blockers, and also high vitamin A doses.

4. Over-Styling

Teenage girls love keeping up with current trends and styles. This is the time they experiment with heat products and tight hairstyles. If they use blow dryers, straighteners, and curling rods every day, they’ll eventually have to suffer from dry, brittle hair.

Other than this, tight hairstyles such as high ponytails and braids tug at the hair. If used often enough, they can cause the hair to fall out in clumps, leading to embarrassing bald patches and short strands.

Finally, adolescence can be a sensitive time, especially for teen girls. This is the time when they start paying more and more attention to how they look. Usually, a hair growth shampoo is enough to combat hair loss. However, if you are the parent of a teen or a teen yourself who is experiencing hair loss, it is best to seek medical advice so that the problem can be solved at an early stage.